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*Please note that Denisī name has sometimes been spelled Dennis Charles, especially on older albums.  Denis finally got a copy of his birth certificate and found his name was spelled Denis -- from then on thatīs what heīs used.

Please E-mail us with any E-mail us:  barrianne@nyc.rr.com information you can add to Denisī discography. 

We thank George Scala, and Ben Young at WKCR-FM, NY, for their invaluable help in this project.



WE DON'T (2003 [recorded in 1980s] (Eremite)
Denis Charles, Jemeel Moondoc (more info to come)

NETI NETI "Audio Letter Remix" 2003.
Compilation dedicated to Denis Charles and Don Cherry; Track 5 "Fading Green" Denis Charles, Don Cherry, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Sue Ann Harkey.

THE LAST CONCERT - DANKESCHON (Silkheart SHCD 151); Borgmann, Morris, Charles trio's last concert in Germany on 3/6/98. Also available from Cadence Records.

Denis plays hand drums on a rare 1970s recording, found on this digitally remastered re-release of Bullīs Vanguard recordings. He plays on Track 8, Carnival Jump, from the album Demolition Derby (VSD 6578), 1972. See links to Vanguard Records website and Sandy Bull.|

DUET: BANGCEPTION on CD (Hatology);Denis Charles and Billy Bang (violin) live at Willisau (originally released 1982).

Live In Brazil album cover

LIVE IN BRAZIL & THE BLUE NOTE (Stella: 2-CD set); The Rick DellaRatta Trio; Rick DellaRatta (piano), Rene Hart (bass), Denis Charles (drums).  Recorded Live in Fortaleza, Brazil, December 4, 1997; Ceara, Brazil, December 5, 1997; and The Blue Note, August 19, 1996 for the Panasonic Village Jazz Festival. 
See more info at Rick DellaRattaīs website.

PRE-MICROSCOPIC MUSIC CIRCA 1980 (Koch Jazz); Joel Forrester and the Illustrious Others. Joel Forrester, piano; Tony Salazar, trumpet; Phillip Johnston, soprano sax; Lucky Ennett, tenor sax; Dave Hofstra, Dewey Dellay, bass; Denis Charles, Richard Dworkin, drums; Shelley Hirsch, vocals.  Recorded 1980.

BELIEVE IT (Koch Jazz); People Like Us. Joel Forrester, piano; Claire Daly, baritone saxophone; Dave Hofstra,  bass; Denis Charles, drums. 

DRUM TALK (Wobbly Rail)
Susie Ibarra/Denis Charles .  Recorded Live at Context Studios 1/4/98, New York City.

THE MOTION OF EMOTION (CIMP (Cadence 153); Elliot Levin.  Elliot Levin, Akira Ando, Dominic Duval, Denis Charles.   Recorded June 1998. Available from
Cadence Records.

CAPTAIN OF THE DEEP (Eremite 9); The Denis Charles Quartet (see reviews at  Green Mountain Jazz Messenger, and at  Jazz Views - Adelaide, Australia).  Jemeel Moondoc, Denis Charles, Nathan Breedlove, Wilbert DeJoode.

'Captain of the Deep' album cover

Recorded by VPRO radio on 9 May, 1991, De Effenaar Cultural Center, Eindhoven, Holland. Available from Forced Exposure, or contact us:

yellow arrow on blue background

Read liner notes of Captain of the Deep.

VISION ONE: Vision Fest 1997 Compiled  (AUM Fidelity 007/8)  2xCD (limited edition)
Denis plays on one track w/ Borah Bergman and Roy Campbell.  See info at AUM Fidelity website.

PEOPLE LIKE US ... IN HEAVEN (Jazz KOC CD 7853); New music by Joel Forrester.  Joel Forrester, Dave Hofstra, Claire Daly, Denis Charles.  Available from
Koch International.

ORGANIC - Live in Karlsruhe, Germany (4/97) (Lotus Sound TLS 009); Thomas Borgmann, Wilber Morris, Denis Charles

BOOM SWING (Konnex  KX-KCD5082-CD Jazz 718750003324); Thomas Borgmann, sopranino, soprano & tenor sax, toy harps; Wilber Morris, bass; Denis Charles, drums. Recorded in Bavaria and Austria, April 1997

PRESENTING  (CIMP 147)  Claude Lawrence Trio. Claude Lawrence, Wilber Morris, Denis Charles. Recorded 4/97 in NY.

STALKER SONGS (CIMP 160) Thomas Borgmann Trio and Peter Brotzmann. Thomas Borgmann,  Peter Brotzmann, Wilber Morris, Denis Charles.  Recorded 9/97 in NY.

EVELYN BLAKEY AND THE MUSIC MESSENGERS Evelyn Blakey (vocals,clave, maracas), Akira Ondo (bass.cello), Arik Strauss (piano), Denis Charles (drums), Montego Joe (congas, triangle). CD Available from Evelyn Blakey (FAX: (212) 254-4827)

CONSEQUENCES (Eremite MTE013) Raphe Malik Recorded live 7/26/97 at Fire in the Valley, Raphe Malik, Denis Charles,Sabir Mateen William Parker

SPIRITS GATHERING (CIMP 109) Billy Bang Quartet. Curtis Clark, piano, Charles Tyler, sax, Wilber Morris, bass, Denis Charles, percussion, Billy Bang, violin. Soul Note Records, Milano. See review by Dave McElfresh at Jazz Now.

NO ... REALLY (Koch International 3-7814 2H1)   Joel Forrester Quartet. Joel Forrester, Dave Hofstra, Claire Daly, Denis Charles, March 1996.

BAGin' IT (CIMP 112) Luther Thomas Quartet. Luther Thomas, Wilber Morris, Ted Daniel, Denis Charles.  Recorded April 1996 in NY.

AFTER THE DEMON'S LEAVING (AA 312 623) Frank Lowe, Bernard Santacruz, Denis Charles.

IN ORDER TO SURVIVE (Black Saint CD 120159-2) William Parker, Rob Brown, Cooper-Moore, Lewis Barnes, Denis Charles (+Jackson Krall) and Grachan Moncor III. Recorded Live @ Roulette * Knitting Factory, NYC April- June, 1993. See link at Jazz Improv.

Take It or Leave It cover 

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (STELLA 61214-2) Rick Della Ratta; Rick DellaRatta, Piano/Vocals; Denis Charles, Drum; Rene Hart, Bass; Walt Szymanski, Trumpet.  See info at Rick DellaRattaīs website.


HERE AT! (Soul Note SN 121243-2) Michael Marcus; Ted Daniel, Steve Swell, Fred Hopkins, William Parker, Sadiq Abdu Shahid.  Recorded 9/93, New York City.

LATITUDE 44 (Bleu Regard CT1949-CD); Bernard Santacruz, bass; Frank Lowe, tenor sax; Cheikh Tidiane, percussion; Denis Charles, drums. Recorded April 1994.

DON'T TELL! (CC Music 1CD) Luther Thomas Quintet. Ted Daniel, Charles Eubanks, Wilber Morris, Luther Thomas, Denis Charles. Recorded live in NY.

OUTLAWS IN JAZZ (Bleu Regard CT1947-CD/MD#544)); Daunik Lazro, alto & baritone sax; Jac Berrocal, trumpet; Didier Lavellet, bass; Denis Charles, drums. Recorded November 1993 in France..

OLD & NEW MAGIC (Silkheart CD 138) Bob Ackerman Trio, Bob Ackerman, Denis Charles, Wilber Morris. Improvisation recorded 1/23/93 in NJ

IF I THINK OF SOMETHING YOU'LL LET ME KNOW (Progressive Winds 1993); Pam Purvis, Wilber Morris, Dennis Charles, Bob Ackerman

A SCREAM FOR CHARLES TYLER  (Bleu Regard CT1943-CD); Denis Charles, drums; Bernard Santacruz, bass; Remi Charmasson, guitar. Recorded July 1992.  See review.

VALVE # 10 (Soul Note 1186 CD 121186-2) Billy Bang Quartet; Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Sirone, Denis Charles.  Recorded March 1988, Milano.

BREATH RHYME (Silkheart SHCD 122) Rob Brown, William Parker, Denis Charles, April, 1989.

Queen Mary CoverQUEEN MARY (Silkheart SHCD 121)
Denis Charles Triangle; Denis Charles, Hus Charles, Wilber Morris and Booker T. Recorded April, 1989 in New York City. 
                Contact us for availability:          


IT IS THIS, IT IS NOT THIS (Neti-Neti, Audio Letter) Dennis Charles ( African hand drum. Indian Bells, Drums and cymbals) with Don Cherry, David Life, Sue Ann Harkey, Sharon Gannon. 6-song LP on Cityzens for A Non-Linear Future Records and Tapes of NYC.These are first-take improvs. The musicians followed no pre-arranged musical scores, outline or plan. Recorded live on Mother's Day, 1987, Harold Dessau Stuidos, NYC

VERMONT SPRING (Botticelli Records 1001) Marco Eneidi, William Parker, Denis Charles, May, 1986.


BE COOL IN MUNICH Rolf Penck, Live Concert Recording.

NOSTALGIA IN TIMES SQUARE (Soul Note SN1141 [CD 121141-2]) Jemeel Moondoc, Bern Nix, William Parker, Rahn Burton, Denis Charles.  Recorded November, 1985.

NOTE:Tthe above two releases done on Penck's private label are available here at this website from Germany.

GOING THROUGH (no label or #) Jeanne Lee ( voc ) Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, William Parker, Denis Charles, A.R. Penck.


c. 1984                                                                                
ENDLESS JAZZ (Private edition - no label or cat. A.R. Penck & Co.)

Note: It is highly likely that DC appears on other privately issued Penck recordings from this period.

INTENSIVE CARE (Cadillac SCG 1011) The Jazz Doctors; Rafael Garrett (bass), Frank Lowe (tenor sax), Denis Charles (drums), Billy Bang (violin). Recorded 8/11/83 in London. Released 1984

WILBER FORCE (DIW Records LP 8001/9002 NOW CD 809) Wilber Morris (bs), David Murray (ts), Denis Charles (d),

1982Billy Bang & Dennis Charles, Willisau

 BANGCEPTION (Hat Music 3512) Duet: Billy Bang (violin) & Denis Charles     (drums) live at Willisau, Switzerland, August 29, 1982. Released 1983.


THE FLAME (Soul Note 1035 [CD 121035-2]) Steve Lacy, Bobby Few, Denis Charles.  Recorded January 1982, Milano, Italy.

INVITATION (Soul Note 1036-LP); Billy Bang Quintet. Denis Charles, drums, Curtis Clark, piano, Wilber Morris, bass, Charles Tyler, alto and baritone sax, Billy Bang, violin.  Recorded April 13 & 14, 1982, Milano.

UNTITLED GIFT (Anima 3BG9);  Billy Bang; Billy Bang (violin), yokobue, flute, congas, bells), Don Cherry (pocket trumpet, flute, bells), Wilber Morris (bass), Denis Charles (drums) Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, February 7, 1982.

COLLECTIVE IMPROVISATIONS (Bleu Regard CT1946-CD); Charles Tyler, baritone & alto sax; Wilber Morris, bass; Denis Charles, drums. Recorded July 1981 in New York.

THE KILL (Soul Note Records 1043) Peter Kuhn; Peter Kuhn, Wayne Horbitz, William Parker, Denis Charles.  Recorded 1/12 and 12/30, 1981.

Rainbow Gladiator album cover

RAINBOW GLADIATOR (Black Saint 1016 [CD 121016-2]) Billy Bang Quintet. Michelle Rosewoman, piano, Wilber Morris, bass, Charles Tyler, sax, Billy Bang, violin, Denis Charles, drums, June 1981.


KONSTANZE'S DELIGHT (Soul Note SN 1041 [CD 121041-2) Jemeel Moondoc; Jemeel Moondoc, Roy Campbell, Khan Jamal, William Parker, Denis Charles, Ellen Chrsti.  Recorded live in NYC, October 1981.



THEATRE FOR YOUR MOTHER (TFYM004) Wayne Horvitz --Simple Facts; Roy Campbell-tp; David Sewelson-as,bs; Dana Vicek-ts; Wayne Horvitz-p,hca,b; William Parker-b; Denis Charles-d.

BACK ON 52nd STREET (DIW CD 406) Various Soundscape artists; improvisations by Denis and Hus Charles, March 1980.


LIVE Sirone (Serious Music 1000) Sirone, Jody Harris. Various artists, including Denis and Hus Charles, November 1980.

THROUGH ACCEPTANCE OF THE MYSTERY PEACE (Centering Records 001) William Parker

CAPERS (Hat Hut 14 [2R14] Hat Art 2014)  Steve Lacy, Denis Charles, Ronnie Boykins. Recorded live @ Soundscape

LIVIN' RIGHT (Big City Records LPK 225) Peter Kuhn, December 1978.

DEMOLITION DERBY (Vanguard Records), Sandy Bull.  Denis plays on "Carnival Jump," a lively duet for oud and hand drums, recently released as Sandy Bull, Re-Inventions, Best of the Vanguard Years.  See link on Vanguard Records website

THE MAGIC OF JUJU (Impulse AS-9154, n/a on CD) Archie Shepp, Denis Charles, Frank Charles, Martin Banks, Micheal Zwerin, Reggie Workman, Eddie Blackwell, Norman Connor, Bearn Harris, April 1967.

SCHOOL DAYS (Quark QED 997, Enamen 3316 Now Hat Art CD 6140) Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Henry Grimes, Denis Charles.  Recorded live in NYC, March 1963.

DON'T STOP THE CARNIVAL (for RCA Victor, now on RCA Rollins set 09026-68675-2) Sonny Rollins, April 1962. Reissued(?) by BMG France [744321193112 & RCA 211 9311-2in 1994 as Whatīs New? Sonny Rollins, Jim Hall, Bob Cranshaw, Ben Riley, Willie Rodriguez, Denis Charles, Frank Charles, Jimmy Jones, Candidi Camero, unknown vocal choir.

Music from these Cecil Taylor Candid sessions from Jan. 1961 has also been issued on Barnaby LPs, Candid CDs and (lately) Mosaic Records box set.
THE WORLD OF CECIL TAYLOR Candid 190.06, Cecil Taylor
NEW YORK CITY R&B Candid LP KZ331035, Candid CD 9017, TECW 20595 Cecil Taylor, Buell Neidlinger.  Released 11/71.  Denis plays on the Cell Walk for Celeste cut with Archie Shepp.
CELL WALK FOR CELESTE Candid 9034 TECW 29597 Cecil Taylor, Buell Neidlinger, Archie Shepp, Denis Charles

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Music from Gil Evans Orchestra sessions recorded in NYC in January and on February 5, 1959 have been released as
AMERICA'S #1 ARRANGER (Pacific Jazz Stereo 28 now Blue Note Release) Gil Evans, February 1959, NYC

    Denis plays on the following cuts:
    Straight No Chaser
    Pacific Standard Time

LOVE FOR SALE (Blue Note CDP 94107) Cecil Taylor Trio and Quintet with Denis Charles, Buell Neidlinger, Ted Curson, Bill Barron

LOOKING AHEAD (Contemporary 7562 Now OJC 452) Cecil Taylor Quartet. Cecil Taylor, Buell Neidlinger, Earl Griffith, Denis Charles, June 1958.

AT NEWPORT (Verve LP 8238 ) Cecil Taylor Quartet; Cecil Taylor, Denis Charles, Buell Neidlinger, Steve Lacy, July 1957.

SOPRANO SAX (Prestige 7125 now OJCCD 130) Steve Lacy; Steve Lacy, Wynton Kelly, Buell Neidlinger, Denis Charles; November 1,1957.

JAZZ ADVANCE (transition TRLP 19 now Blue Note CDP 7 84462-2) Cecil Taylor, September, 1956 in Boston.

IN TRANSITION Cecil Taylor, Buell Neidlinger. Recorded Dec. 10, 1955 in Boston.

INTERNATIONAL RECORDINGS (not a complete list)

CECIL TAYLOR Jumpin Punkins -- Candid 790.13 Jazz Advance -- Blue Note 7844622 The World of Cecil Taylor -- Candid 190.06 Cell walk for Celeste -- Candid 790.34 Air -- 790.46 New York City R & B -- Candid 790.17

SONNY ROLLINS Recorded one song - Donīt Stop the Carnival - with Denis on RCA "Sonny Rollins" -- Planet Jazz 2152062.2 (? Italian bootleg) What's New -- RCA 211 9311-2 Complete.. RCA 2668675-2

Interview With Denis Charles  by Ludwig van Trikt, Cadence Magazine Vol 13 No 10 Oct 1987; Cadence Building, Redwood, NY 13679.

Iīm Not Rappaport (1996)
The Connection (NYC--Off-Broadway)  1960s.  Denis was an actor.

The invasion of technology in the music of today makes it essential to research in order to preserve the music of St. Croix in its traditional form.

A further factor indicating the timeliness of this work is that the musicians, one of whom is my father, are quite up in age.  Two of the original members of his well-known band have died recently.  A final reason for my enthusiastic interest in preserving and documenting this folk music is that I am a musician myself, born in St. Croix and grown up with the good fortune of hearing the music played by these old musicians with the traditional instrumentation.  Recently, these musicians have begun to use some electrical instruments which have changed the pure, raw quality and most importantly the traditional blend of cultures and history of this Caribbean music.

I was exposed to music for the first eleven years of my life.  My father, as Iīve said, was the guitarist in the original band, and still is to this day.  Through him, l became familiar with the music and its history, plus I became well acquainted with his musician friends.  Hearing that beautiful music at such a young age figured immensely in my later years when I became a jazz musician.  To my ears, the rhythms I heard then was a raw form of the jazz rhythms I would hear in New York years later.  I recognized then and recognize now the definite connection.





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