This poem is dedicated to my brother Denis Charles from his sister Vivien Charles, who lives in St. Croix, Virgin Islands



 I know my dearest brother has
 Died and gone away
 To a place where we shall all meet
 On some glorious day
 God let my brother become what
 He wanted to be
 I'll always keep him in my thoughts
 Especially when I play his CD
 He showed his musical talent
 In so many places
 I know he brought many smiles and
 Enjoyment to many many faces
 May the good Lord bless everyone
 Who showed their sympathy
 To as far away as Japan
 And as near as New York City
 I know you showed your love
 By phone calls, a hand -- a task.
 When a beloved relative passes away
 We shouldn't have to ask
 We should all come out and show
 the pain, the grief, the sorrow
 For life must go on for us
 And we should live for today not for tomorrow.

 Vivien Charles
 Friday April 24, 1998

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